BAFEL stands for competence in English; we hope to light many lives and provide hope to many in search of a better life with our eternal gift of education in the English language


Established by Ms. Alka Gupta, BAFEL had a humble beginning in 2001. Soon, with her passionate zeal and immeasurable endeavors, she opened 25 centres operational in the Delhi and NCR region, has at present, as many 100 centres across India. The practical approach to learning and the high quality standards of BAFEL Training have carved a niche in the Education sector, which has set it apart from its competitors. Little wonder that BAFEL has set a new benchmark by training people from all strata of society- privileged and underprivileged.


Our vision is to develop and create ‘LEADERS NOT LABOURERS’.  As per Ms. Gupta’s foresight, to produce leaders we need to make every Indian capable of comprehending the English Language.

a) In the tribal belt the monthly income of almost 70% of the population is only Rs. 3,000/-, if they begin to speak English, they have better prospects to earn double that amount

b) If one opts for higher education, such as MBA/B.Tech in India, we all know that the course study material will be in the English Language.

c) English is lingua franca which means it’s the language, most spoken in the world. Therefore, as a means of connecting with the best of the world, English unites with the world!

In order to implement this vision, BAFEL has its own R & D team which develops and constantly upgrades the course material of its various courses, under the direct supervision & able guidance of Ms. Gupta.

Therefore, no more worries about not being able to get across your point of view; or stuttering with incorrect usage.

It isn’t mere chance that has made us the topmost center for learning.  In order to keep up with the changing times, we ensure regular upgrade, and, thus, keep updating, improving and even reconstructing our courses from time to time to suit a wide cross-section of learners, students, professionals, employees, models and television & film stars, home makers, businessmen, sportspersons, politicians and many more.

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