About The Director

About The Director

With an unmatched exhaustive training experience of over 20 years, Ms.Alka Gupta’s name has become synonymous with training. And BAFEL, as an institute, towers above all competitors as an establishment set up with an objective to imparting valuable training to aspirants from all strata of society. As the Managing Director, she is solely responsible for making BAFEL one of the leading training institutes in India.

Her close association with various Govt. bodies in different states helps to empower the people of that area to earn their livelihood by undertaking various skill enhancement courses. Realizing the importance of English is a tool of message transmission, she even courageously imparts free education to all who need it in Naxalite infested areas.

Ms. Gupta, who is also a mother, is highly dedicated with a passion for the language & a dream to make the next generation a more confident lot. Having studied and experimented with all the distinctions and finer details of the English language, she is well-equipped to conduct, manage and supervise a wide variety of learners. Her deep rooted research of the language, body language and para-language has now been shaped into various modules in different forms of courses

Her Unique Connect

She also easily connects to individuals from various backgrounds as she has travelled extensively, and interacted with people from all walks of life. The Training and modules have been crafted meticulously by her R&D Wing under her able guidance in sync with individual needs of the clients.

Her innumerable corporate clients, including Foreign Embassies and High Commissions, have earned her accolades in India as well as abroad.

A powerful army of capable & efficient professionals who are working in the capacity of HR Managers, BDM’s, a strong R&D Wing, a reliable Audit team, a supportive Admin staff, and last but not the least, a strong community of Corporate Trainers, has been her strongest & most precious creation.

BAFEL is now well on its way to preparing the Generation Y with skills which would enhance their personality, and ensure that they are equipped to better their job prospects in the industry workforce.