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We collect information which the user willingly provides us with on our websites, social & digital media platforms and from online & offline surveys mainly for the purpose of communication, with having the objective of delivery of service and or products and providing the enquiring or encountered visitor/user/client/customer/associate/entity with the required information to the best of our knowledge.

The visitor/user/client/customer/associate/entity who enquires about us on the platforms on which we advertise and promote ourselves accepts to receive calls and messages of all types including promotional and transactional which may also deliver over DND. The visitor/user /client /customer /associate /entity who does not wish to receive promotional/transactional calls, messages and communication attempts of other forms of media can fill the OPT-OUT form placed at the end of this page. Once the visitor/user/client/customer/associate/entity fills the form we will erase their record from our maintained database after processing the request.

The visitor/user/client/customer/associate/entity accepts to the privacy policy of third parties who help in the delivery of services and or products for which the visitor/user/client/customer/associate/entity has requested or paid, some of them include:-

GOOGLE:  https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-US .

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/policy.php .

We don’t share your data with any third party unless it is required for the process of facilitation of a service or product for which You (or our visitor/user/client/customer/associate/entity) have paid or requested for.

The Data collection includes voice recordings, call recordings, exchange of verbal and written communication/ information using or in the vicinity of BAFEL’s property. Some times the data may be not be collected by us but is provided to us by third parties or other vendors for statistics and business decisions. Any entity which submits their information on any of our platforms online or offline shall agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy statement. If the entity/ website visitor /user /client /customer/ associate submits their information on any of our platforms be it on offline or online platform survey, social or digital media they agree to receive transactional and promotional calls and text messages. If found that their information was submitted and they complain to any telecom regulatory entity or TRAI or any penal authority the penalty if imposed will have to be borne by the complainant because we have clearly mentioned beforehand that the entity/ visitor /user /client /customer /associate which interacts with us on any of our platforms shall have to adhere to these privacy policy guidelines and statements. This privacy policy statement is subject to change dynamically at any point in time in the future without prior notice it could be due to change in the privacy policy of major telecom regulators or change in guidelines issued by the government or any other reason beyond our control or authority.

If you want to opt-out of agreeing to this privacy policy statement please fill the form below and await confirmation of the deletion of your details from our records. Only the details you mention here will be removed from our records. There is no time limit within which we promise the deletion of the same. We confirm the deletion if requested as soon as practically possible according to the availability of manpower and priority at hand.

At every interaction with us in any form or through any medium, the entity/website visitor/ user/client/ customer/associate agrees to undertake the following:-

I hereby authorize and give consent to BAFEL Academy Pvt. Ltd. to send me, either through itself or through any third-party service provider, from time to time various information /alerts/ SMS/ other messages or calls or commercial communication, and other services on the aforesaid listed telephone numbers, whether these numbers are registered with National Do Not Call Registry/ listed in National Customer Preference Register or not. I also confirm that by sending any of such messages/calls, I will not hold BAFEL Academy Pvt. Ltd. or its third-party service provider liable / institute complaint under the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (TRAI) Regulations, 2010 or such other applicable regulations including any amendment thereof, as may be applicable from time to time. It will be auto-renewed every month and if you want to stop this service please write an email to bafelish@gmail.com and info@bafel.co.in with the subject in capital letters “I WANT TO UNSUBSCRIBE” before the due date and call our support number 9212779991 also once the amount is debited from the account it will not be refunded, After processing your request we will erase your data from our maintained database.

Association with BAFEL Academy Pvt Ltd and BAFEL Global Services or any of its entities or any other entity associated with BAFEL and or its subsidiaries should be willingly done by any other associating entity on acceptance of following Terms, Conditions, Undertakings and Guidelines:

  1. Students have to be punctual with their time-slots.
  2. The decorum of the institute has to be maintained at all times.
  3. Students are supposed to carry their I-cards every day to the institute or join the online class with the name mentioned in admission form.
  4. Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.Fee if charged back , will invite additional payment of legal and arbitration fees for the proceedings of the same. Such additional payment to be borne by the candidate/entity who paid the fee or the candidate/entity who availed service.
  5. A fee paid through cheque will be admissible only after realization.
  6. During the Course or service candidate has to maintain 75% attendance. If not maintained on a routine check, Their services will be terminated and will be resumed only on payment of Re-Admission fee decided by the management which will not be less than 50% of the total course fee. Only Medical leave of candidate’s self is allowed for 1 week only once in 3 months.
  7. Registered personnel including entities who are filling up any form associated to BAFEL or any of its associated entities agree to receive promotional and transactional information via SMS/E-Mail and other channels of the digital medium.
  8. The I-cards and admissions are not transferable.
  9. BAFEL holds all rights to maintain my attendance(applicant/admission/service consumer agrees to this undertaking).
  10. I will not damage/ steal/ intellectual/ physical/digital property of BAFEL(applicant/admission/service availer agrees to this undertaking).
  11. Without permission/direction of BAFEL management, I will not upload/ publish content on online/ offline/ digital media relevant to BAFEL. If found so the person will be liable to damages in monetary terms as deemed fit by management.
  12. Services of Client’s/Student’s and associates’ can be terminated if found to be involved in any in-disciplinary / anti-organisational activities without any refund.
  13. I will not object to change in a trainer for the advancement of quality and training purposes.
  14. If a student is dissatisfied with services of BAFEL, He or she has to first write his complaint to BAFEL administration against his dissatisfaction, he or she shall get the response of his complaint within 3 to 5 working days from the administration subject to availability of relevant personnel.
  15. Even after getting the response from BAFEL administration if a student post negative reviews against the BAFEL, then in that case BAFEL will be compelled to file criminal complaint against that student under section 503, 506, 499 and 500 of IPC. So Kindly refrain from posting any negative reviews against BAFEL and resolve your complaint through proper channel.
  16. I will complete my course in due time as per the course duration allotted to me by management.
  17. No Leaves will be accepted for more than 7 sessions in any case.Course/Service will stand terminated in scenarios where a candidate takes leaves of more than 7 sessions without any refund.
  18. There should be no objection to the change in trainers.Student/Client agrees that if a trainer is changed, it is for quality maintenance purposes.
  19. The course has to be completed in the mentioned time period, no extension for without readmission fee will be accepted.
  20. Management has the discretion to reject or to recognise a leave of more than 7 sessions if not provided with legitimate proof.
  21. Any non-academic behaviour identified on the discretion of management or staff can be penalised by debarring the candidate from the whole or certain duration of the course/training without any refund i.e. No refund will be provided if the candidate is debarred.
  22. Late fee deposition is subject to termination of services. INR 100/- will be charged additionally per day in the delay of due fee submission.
  23. Online safety of every-one is in their own hands, we do not take any safety guarantee of anyone while using the internet or any platform on the internet. Use the internet, it’s platforms and other apps at your own risk.
  24. For updated information on Terms, Conditions and Course/Training/Services Details contact us via email info@bafel.co.in, operations.facilitator@bafel.co.in .
  25. In case of force majeure or any act of God like any Natural/Manmade Disaster, the Client/Candidate/Student agrees to take online classes in the format as prescribed by BAFEL.
  26. I consent to BAFEL’s training methodology and examination procedures.
  27. I accept and acknowledge that if I fail to pay my due fees on time, my services can be terminated completely.


Additional Terms, Conditions and Guidelines for UK Placement Training Program:

UNDERTAKING(any candidate/nurse/doctor who enrols at BAFEL for UK Placement Training Program accepts to undertake the following)

BAFEL training fee includes allotting BAFEL online sessions as per your convenience, scheduling your training sessions, filling up interview form. Training includes IELTS / OET preparation for up to 2 to 3 attempts, Voice & Accent training, Effective Listening, Spoken English customized sessions (profession-related) &Interview Preparation. BAFEL can guide me on the NMC registration and documentation process, CBT format guidance, CBT preparation resources, internationally accepted resume format guidance, sorting out issues with NMC over the phone; however, these additional services will be chargeable. I have understood that all the charges for these additional services are non-refundable under any circumstances. Administration charges may be applicable as per my process, requirement and requests.

6 to 11 months (approx.) processing time applicable subject to the time taken to clear IELTS/OET and CBT. After you clear IELTS / OET, the entire process from NMC registration to Visa might take 4 – 6 months. We have the right to publish your results and videos on social platforms for our promotion.

You have understood that placement is free of cost and BAFEL is not charging you any administration or extra costs for lining up an interview with UK Employers.

As a BAFEL enrolled nurse, you need to ensure that you get recruited only through BAFEL or BAFEL Partners and lining up of interviews solely depends on its availability. You understand that BAFEL will leave no stones unturned to find the best employment opportunities for you in the UK; however, if after clearing the interview, you, for any reason, decide not to avail this opportunity or get deployed in that organization, you will be liable to pay Administration charges of Rupees Thirty Thousand to BAFEL.

This is a complete package program. If nurse does not accept and report to the recruitment opportunity provided via BAFEL and its partners/associates then Candidates will be charged a penalty of Rs Two Lakh and Rs One Lakh fifty thousand additional in lieu of:

  • the efforts done for coordination of training sessions
  • the efforts done for searching employment opportunities relevant to candidate
  • the efforts done for customizing the training program
  • the efforts done for Study Material compilation
  • the study material costs for IELTS/OET
  • the additional costs for training provided
  • the consultation provided for all relevant registrations done with the UK, Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • the efforts done for CBT training
  • the cost of CBT study material

All the efforts come at the expense of Manpower who are to be given a salary, engagement of  physical resources which have their own costs and at a loss of opportunity costs wherein same manpower if had been engaged elsewhere for further productive work.

You allow BAFEL, under its UK Placement Training Programme to collect all your documents and ID proofs along with your resume to present it to the UK Employer so that they may assess your profile to find a suitable employment opportunity with various healthcare establishments in the UK.

Any issues related to the submission of fake documents, rejection in Interviews are out of BAFEL responsibilities. BAFEL will not be held responsible for a Nurse not able to crack OET/IELTS by three attempts or one year of total training duration whichever falls earlier. Once you clear OET/IELTS, you may come back to BAFEL for UK placement proceeding. We are charging for training and administration. Placement is free of cost which is subject to UK Govt. policy. BAFEL is not responsible for any kind of policy changes to procure the UK NMC pin. Any delay in Visa or procuring NMC, BAFEL will not be held responsible.

As a BAFEL enrolled nurse, you need to make yourself available to attend calls or respond to emails or messages by BAFEL or BAFEL Partners to ensure timely deployment. Also, you need to ensure your availability for mock interviews and direct interviews with UK recruiters which will be communicated to you via official emails by BAFEL or BAFEL partners. BAFEL will not be held responsible for your unavailability or delays or poor internet connections. Also, you will not hold BAFEL responsible if you are rejected by the Employer after the final interview or for any changes in the UK policies.

All the details of the hospital, place, and benefits will be clearly mentioned and communicated to you via official emails by BAFEL or BAFEL partners before the direct interview is conducted. The BAFEL enrolled nurse might have to travel to other cities/states to appear for the interview and the travel costs will be refunded by the NHS.

You have clearly been told that all the costs, if refundable or non-refundable will be borne by you in India to ensure smooth placement process. The IELTS / OET (all attempts), NMC registration, CBT, Nursing Council charges, Immigration, Health surcharge, and visa charges will be borne by the Nurse. Most of the costs mentioned above will be refunded by the employer in the UK but the costs to be refunded are decided by the UK Employer.

BAFEL Terms – Be on time in class is must for every student, institute’s decorum must be maintained thoroughly, fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances, fee paid with Credit Card / Debit Card will not be charged back through bank under any circumstances, fee paid through cheque will be admissible only after encashment of the cheque. During the course, only one break can be taken with prior information in writing and that too can be to a maximum of 15 days.

UK placement training is subject to these factors – Verification on authentication of all the submitted documents on a medical degree or diploma (bonafide), medical registration number (bonafide), work experience letter (bonafide), any other related document, submission of VISA fee, medical fitment certificate & police verification.


This is a joint effort as I have to equally work hard and give adequate time for learning. Passing IELTS/OET is my responsibility.


I ________________________________, hereby, declare that the documents submitted with this undertaking are true and authentic to the best of my knowledge. I further declare that I have read and understood all the above information.

I, further undertake to keep the client’s information confidential. I will not be sharing of information on hospital’s name, e-mail id, phone number, address or/and website, etc. If found, guilty on the same, you may cancel my candidature. I further undertake that commercials will not get leaked out in public domain.

BAFEL holds no responsibility if my documents or the information provided is fake and I get rejected for the same.

I vest the sole authority to BAFEL to maintain and decide my course/training duration subject to the training fee being charged from me to achieve the desired score in IELTS- Academic in Listening-7, Speaking-7, Reading-7 & Writing-6.5 OR OET in Listening, Speaking, Reading with B level & Writing with C+.

BAFEL has the right to mark my attendance and decide my classes & duration that I will be availing.

I will not deny going to the United Kingdom after my certificate of sponsorship is produced. In case I refuse/deny or delay any of the formalities related to UK VISA formalities (which further includes giving COVID 19 test in India, following 14 days quarantine in UK and then giving the test of COVID 19 again in UK and producing the negative report of COVID 19 and any other additional formality required to be complied as per the competent authorities of India/UK) which follow after receiving the certificate of sponsorship I authorize BAFEL to impose on me any penalty it deems to be fit and proper and I will comply with it.

For updated information on Terms, Conditions and Course/Training/Services Details contact us via email on info@bafel.co.in , hr@bafel.co.in and operationsfacilitator@bafel.co.in .(receive confirmation from all three IDs)

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For updated information on Terms, Conditions and Course/Training/Services Details contact us via email: info@bafel.co.in , hr@bafel.co.in and operationsfacilitator@bafel.co.in .

Terms and conditions for NMC (IELTS/OET+CBT) Clearance:

I hereby undertake to undergo the training hours of IELTS/OET training towards NMC Clearance for placement process in the UK as an RN (Registered Nurse) as I understand that this is the faster-moving placement process and my end endeavour is to score IELTS-Academic with Listening-7, Reading-7, Speaking-7 & Writing-6.5 OR OET with Listening-B,  Reading- B, Speaking- B & Writing-C+ along with CBT guidance and study material against the payment done.
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