How will BAFEL help me to crack my interview?

  • July 9, 2018
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Nervous? Confused? Tensed?

No need to worry about your interview because BAFEL is here to give 20 sessions of the interview in which our mentors will gauge your level and train you according to your requirements.

In each and every session our trainers will give you tips and techniques to prepare you for the interview viz:-

  1. Know about the company: study about the company for which you are going for an interview & get an idea about everything.
  2. Prepare a paragraph describing you: generally first question is “tell us about yourself” for those preparing a crisp answer in which mention some key highlights of your career, education background, etc.
    1. Pen down your strengths and weakness.
  3. Try to fit in a role: why should we select you? This is also one of the most common questions which are asked during the interview. In that write all your strength and your experience. Mention about your communication skills, problem-solving skills, multitasking skill etc. Then try to relate it to your job profile for which you are giving an interview.
  4. Be alert and active: you are noticed at every second from the time you enter in the office. Be nice to all the employees you meet, you may not know who will take your interview. Open the door firmly and walk confidently.
  5. Prepare according to your job profile: mention your key skills according to the requirement of the job profile you have applied for.
  6. A firm handshake and right body posture: it is a sign of confidence. Avoid playing with your hair.
  7. Avoid using technical terms: don’t use a technical word until it is required.
  8. Self-motivation can be helpful for you: at the time of interview think about all the achievements & tell yourself that you can do it. It may help you to feel energetic.
  9. Keep your point short and crisp not narrative.
  10. Keep your CV updated & current as to, what you are doing?
  11. You should be dressed formally & well prepared with your documents, which is an essential requirement?

Join BAFEL and do overcome the fear of rejection in an interview.

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