BAFEL is open for franchisees and partners to reach out to the last person sitting in every nook and corner of the country.

The need of the hour is to expand and to develop a "BAFEL Chain". We are looking for expansion in all the zones, North, South, East, West. BAFEL is also looking for master franchises and develop its regional offices in all the four zones from where the regular support will be provided to the franchises of that zone.

BAFEL offers exclusive rights for the city / district / state, depending on the investment capacity of the investor.

Once he meets the selection criteria he is awarded the exclusive rights for the city/district/state.

Going Global: With the opening of a center at Dhaka in Bangladesh, sky is the limit for our future, and plans are afoot for more international centres.

Franchising is all about developing clones of a successfully running BAFEL center. BAFEL has been in the market for past 16 years and has been ruling the English training industry since then. The most difficult part of franchising is that franchises are not able to take care of day-today operations, crisis management is also an area on which failure or the success of a franchise depends.

Franchise Fact Sheet:

  • Area Required : 700 - 1000 sq. ft. (Commercial, Semi-commercial)
  • Investment Capacity : 10 - 20 Lacs
  • Projected Monthly Business : 3 - 6 Lacs

Franchise selection criteria:

  1. Franchise should not be more than 45 years of age.
  2. Franchise should understand the education business as in this business if you take care of your quality of training, money pours in. And if you don’t, it’s anybody’s guess what happens to that center.
  3. Franchise should have some idea about advertising and marketing also and should be able to work on guidelines given by BAFEL.
  4. Franchise’s background, service class of business class is also assessed by BAFEL Team.   

After BAFEL directors are convinced about the franchise’s caliber and capabilities , we work upon the road map from signing the deal to the launch of the centre , that takes about 2 months time. BAFEL provides all the guidelines, manuals, layout plans, stationary and study material, advertizing material, publicity material and also supports a franchise center by providing a master trainer for 30 days, who ensures the proper running of the BAFEL center in terms of taking counseling, taking admissions, giving training to short listed candidates, trainees of the franchise and ensuring that they are able to deliver, quality training to the students. The continuous and regular follow up is carried out by the admin team during the entire tenure. The renewal depends on the performance of the franchise for the next term.

Sonam Dhondup – Bafel Franchise

PRIYA VAIDYA VERMA – Bafel Franchise