Why OET is a better choice for nurses?

  • July 2, 2018
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This is the most common question which is asked by every healthcare professional “Why OET is a better choice for nurses?” BAFEL strongly recommends OET over IELTS, as writing and speaking skills are profession specific which healthcare professionals use in their day to day life at work. OET is medical English used by healthcare professional on day to day basis. The best part is that in writing skills no marks are deducted even if there are grammatical and spelling error unlike IELTS.

There are some major difference & similarities in OET & IELTS.

Similarities in OET & IELTS:-

1: A test takes place on one day.

2: Syllabus for both the test is listening, reading, writing and speaking.

3: Qualify according to graded score.

Differences in OET and IELTS.


IELTS test academic English and OET test healthcare English.


IELTS offers two versions of test, academic and general training. OET offers twelve version of test for different healthcare professions like:  nurse, doctor, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, podiatrists, occupational therapists, vets, speech pathologists, dieticians, physiotherapists and radiographers.


OET needs minimum of efforts as all that is required is streamlining your preparation as you are already working with the patients in the healthcare workplace. OET preparation portal resources make it easy to prepare for the test with the following:-

1) Online sample practice tests

2) Free online master class

  1. a) Live webinar
  2. b) Top tips for success
  3. c) What the task involves

3) Free online tips to improve performance

4) Customized feedback


  1. a) Receive feedback on your speaking and writing skills.

5) Practice books for all skills


IELTS                        OET

8-9                             A

7.7-5                         B

5.5-6.5                      C

4.5-5.5                      D

4                                E


OET tests real communication scenarios candidates will meet in the healthcare work place, whereas other tests assess English language skills using everyday scenarios. OET is accepted by most major healthcare regulators in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for registration purposes, and the Australian immigration department for all visa categories. OET is accepted as proof of English proficiency for registration, accreditation and licensing purposes in:

Australia: – OET is accepted for registration purposes by most OET professional boards with in the Australian health practitioner regulation agency (AHPRA) and most healthcare profession councils for accreditation purposes.

Dubai healthcare city authority regulatory (DHCR) accepts OET for licensing of healthcare professionals.

UK OET is accepted by nursing and midwifery council.

New Zealand OET is accepted by most healthcare boards and councils in New Zealand.

Namibia OET is accepted by the healthcare profession council of Namibia.

Singapore OET is accepted by the four major healthcare councils in Singapore.

So what are you waiting for? Join nearest BAFEL centre today and make your “LONDON DREAMS” come true.




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