• October 18, 2018
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There is no specific wrong or right accent. A neutral accent is correct and widely accepted.

To clear any voice and accent test, the accent and pronunciation should be globally comprehensible and decipherable to the native speakers of most English speaking nations.

English is the “Globally accepted Official Language”, but there are many accents it is spoken in. If you are working in a multi-national company, then you must be speaking with foreigners with a heavy accent. At times it gets very difficult to understand their accent. People from different parts of the world speak English in their own accent which is not easily understandable to most Indians.

Accent comprehension problems faced by most Indians include:-

  • Inability to understand English videos and English movies.
  • Difficulty in understanding the lyrics of  English songs.
  • Non-ability to understand English TV serials.

If you are facing such problems in understanding a variety of accents, then an easy solution is to go through voice and accent training at the BAFEL institute near you. After which you can clear the Voice & Accent round for your job interview while enjoying English videos and music.

It is the best institute near you which can teach the correct pronunciation.

Key Features

  • – Accent neutralization (Global Accent)
  • – Plosives & sounds (nasal & throaty)
  • – The difference in US & UK English
  • – American slang


  • – Voice modulation
  • – Pitch & Tone Training


  • – MTI removal (sh, s, zh, z)
  • – Vowel and consonant sounds
  • – Phenomena of phonetic

In the Voice & Accent course, Bafel provides training to all students who have faulty diction and are hindered by their heavy mother tongue influence(MTI). Candidates experience a variety of accent examples and become familiar with the different English accents spoken all over the world.


  1. Call centre skills
  2. Corporate training
  3. Communication skills
  4. Interview Techniques
  5. Personality Development
  6. Business English
  7. Advanced Group Discussion.

Every session gives specific focus on:-

  • English Grammar
  • Vocabulary ( new words, correct usage of words)
  • English speaking practice.

Attaining a neutral accent has never been easier.