Most promising franchising option for any investor – BAFEL Franchisee

  • September 27, 2018
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Imagine, if Google or Apple, which were founded in a garage, could not sell their idea because they couldn’t converse in English! The world would have never known them. And today, everyone knows the story of how a small business can become a worldwide success.

Why is investing in Education a win-win situation?

The academic field is quite lucrative a billion-dollar industry. Technically, the education is deemed recession-proof too. People will compromise on other aspects of life, cut down on luxurious clothing or travel plans, but it is always the requirement of a household and parents that their children must excel in their academics. This is evident by the growing number of students who enroll into schools and colleges. Moreover, people who wish to study or pursue a career abroad are increasing rapidly.

And for such people, knowing English is absolutely necessary. Today, the world is quite competitive with its cutthroat attitude when it comes to new opportunities. Surviving in such a world is very hard and if one lacks the skill set to communicate their idea, then they may lose their opportunity entirely.

People are aware of this and therefore want to learn English irrespective of their educational qualifications. Apart from students and professionals, the common man wants to keep themselves acquainted with the digital age too.  Therefore, the demand for learning English is ever increasing.

Why is BAFEL a good investment?

Every year numerous students have passed out with excellence from our institutes and reached places of importance in their careers both in India as well as abroad. With each year, the number of students appearing for such exams is increasing in a faster pace and there is a shortage of good coaching out in the market. Simply put, we are here to fill the gap by our all-round coaching in English language for both professionals and non-professionals alike.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Given the trend of changing their overall personality, people today feel that fluency in English adds a certain amount of positive factor, a sense of sophistication, to their persona; this makes them even more drawn to the language. With BAFEL and its systematic coaching methods, numerous people have felt a change in their lives and therefore we come recommended for many of such courses that are professionally relevant as well as useful in their day-to-day lives.

BAFEL from the investor’s point of view

Since the ever-increasing demand in learning the language, BAFEL has always faced a lot of challenges accommodating the number of students who   wants to learn English every year. We have successfully taught many students, homemakers and professional in the past few years and grown to be household name in Delhi. However, we would like to see us grow into a great institute with our hard work and would like to seek out investors for our future expansion plans.

Due to the increasing demand in learning English as well as competitive exams that require fluency in English, people often approach us frequently with a request to have a franchise near them. Therefore investing with us, BAFEL partner would always enjoy a great ROI, the year around and, we with our hard work and proven track record would ensure that our name and reputation stays intact.

What we are doing here is actually contributing to the lives of common people and they admire and see the value in it. We are known for our interactive style of teaching that makes it easy for all the students to understand and learn the language without exception.

To wrap it up concisely, investing in BAFEL is a long-term venture because the demand for learning English is ever increasing.  Therefore, the returns will be undoubtedly a win-win situation for all our partners.  We welcome you onboard to discuss the terms, if you find our proposal interesting, and would like to meet you at a mutually convenient time and venue.

Reach out to us today if you want to be a partner and become a partner with us with your own BAFEL Franchisee.

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