How are you Assessed in OET ?

  • November 14, 2018
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PART A - Consultation Extracts
PART B - Short Workspace Extracts
Part C – Presentation Excerpts 
  • Capability to identify specific and precise information.
  • Understand the speaker’s purpose.
  • Efficiency to identify detail.
  • Determine the purpose of short excerpts.
  • Assesses your ability to follow a recorded presentation/ interview on different healthcare topics.


Part A – Expeditious Reading Task
  • Ability to identify and locate specific information from four short texts quickly and efficiently.
  • Tests your ability to quickly scan through the texts and locate specific information.
Part B – Careful Reading Task
  • Assesses the capability to identify details, summary and main points of the texts provided, effectively and in the stipulated time.
  • Your capability to identify specific ideas at sentence level is assessed.
Part C – Careful Reading Tasks
  • assesses your ability to identify detailed meaning and opinion in two texts on topics of interest to healthcare professionals
  • Your ability to understand the explicit or implied meaning and the opinion therein.

3.OET Writing Test

Write a letter in 45 minutes
  • Overall Task Fulfillment: Whether the task assigned is completed/fulfilled within the time specified.
  • Appropriateness of Language: Assesses on content organization, tone, style, level of formality and positive.
  • Comprehension of Stimulus: Assesses understanding of stimulus material and task instructions provided. Your efficiency in selecting relevant information from the stimulus material is also evaluated.
  • Linguistic Features: Usage of correct grammatical structure, its flexibility and accuracy are assessed. The cohesiveness of the content is evaluated.
  • Presentation Features: You are assessed for punctuation and spelling correctness. Appropriateness of the letter layout is also checked.

4.OET Speaking Test

Role play exercises.
  • Intelligibility: Pronunciation and intonation, accent etc. are evaluated.
  • Fluency: You are assessed on your language fluency and speed.
  • Appropriateness of Language: Ease and comfort of explaining technical terms and matters are assessed, along with tone.
  • Resources of Grammar and Expression: Flexibility and accuracy of vocabulary, grammar is evaluated.
  • Relationship Building: You are assessed on initiating an interaction appropriately, positive, attentive and respectful attitude, non-judgemental approach, and empathy.
  • Understanding Patient’s perspective: Understanding patient’s needs, picking up cues from the patient’s perspective etc. are assessed.
  • Providing Structure: You will be expected to interact logically and purposefully in a proper sequence. Your capability to organize explanations using techniques is evaluated.
  • Information Gathering: Proper use of open or closed questions, supporting the patient’s narrative with active listening, usage of vague statements, and summarizing information is assessed.
  • Information Giving: Points of assessment include giving proper information, confirming whether the patient has understood the information provided and understanding what further information patient needs.

Bafel OET UK placement program for B.Sc or GNM qualified nurses.