Importance of English for Higher Education And Going Abroad

  • June 23, 2018
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English is not only an international language but essential language for interpersonal communication across the world. Learning English is as important as eating food for a living. English is the language for research in any field be it student life or for business. It is essential to learn, read, speak and write in English. It is an important language because as we go anywhere across the globe, English is the most common language which people overseas can speak and write without any hurdle. It plays an important role in spreading knowledge of any kind. One has to have a good knowledge of English to access the sources of any information. India is the third largest English book producing country after u.k.


It is true that English is very important for higher studies as with the help of this language we become aware of new technologies as maximum details are available today in English language only. So, it is a must for everyone to have complete knowledge of this. When someone goes for higher studies English is the most common language used everywhere, if one does not have good English skills, he/she cannot opt for higher studies. Today, most of the publishing companies are publishing books in English language only for students who are studying for higher education. So, it is vital for every student to learn this as without this it would not be possible to study at a higher level. The UNO( UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION) has given English the status of an official language. If English would not have been there, we would not have seen India’s development. English plays an important role in Indian education system. One can achieve success in any field because of English as the vocabulary and terminology used in different fields like technology, medicine is available in English only. Apart from schooling many competitive exams also reflect importance of English. Through these exams, the language proficiency of a candidate is assessed. They test communication skills, vocabulary and pronunciations. Therefore, we can sum up in the following given points that why English is important for higher studies:

  • Almost all books are available in English language only.
  • Most of the pioneer publishing companies are publishing books in English.
  • The terminology and vocabulary in any field like medicine, Technology Space etc. are available in English only.
  • English has been given the status of official language by UNO.
  • All competitive exams for higher studies are in English language only.
  • Those students who wish to travel abroad for higher studies have to clear competitive exams in English language.


We all go through many formalities before visiting abroad like passport check and all others but is these formalities are enough to travel abroad.

Well, the most important thing which we forget that

Are we capable enough to speak and write in English language?

It is the first and foremost thing that we all should possess good communication skills in English language for going abroad. English the most common language widely accepted all over the world. Since English is used in so many countries, one probably use English to communicate in many travel situations. Learning and speaking skilled English will also make us confident. It would be easier to communicate freely with everyone and it actually improves the quality of understanding when we express ourselves freely. Speaking English actually enables us to enjoy freedom while visiting abroad otherwise, one has to be dependent on guides or translator for communication. Understanding the local culture becomes easier because we can interact more effectively.

  • It is easy to communicate without hitch If one has a complete knowledge for English language.
  • While going abroad with good communication skills in English people can explore more and understand more about their culture.
  • Speaking English properly can improve confidence.
  • Situation becomes uncomplicated when we know the language of that country where we are visiting.

When one is able to speak English going abroad and studying for higher education becomes more handy as major challenges and difficulties can be ameliorated.

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