How to Enhance Your Personality?

  • April 12, 2018
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Personality Development as the term suggests is developing or enhancing your own personality. The first question that comes to your mind should ideally be “What is personality?” and second is “how a personality can be developed?”

So going back to the first question that is “What is Personality?”

My answer would be the sum total of somebody’s Internal and External traits should ideally be called Personality of an Individual. External traits is as per the common knowledge would be an Individual’s height, weight, dress up, body language, demeanor and gait of an individual.

So now, what are the internal traits? They are your Confidence level, Communication skills, behavior that generally is an outcome of your genes, the environment in which you’ve been bought up and your peer group would define your internal traits.

Going back to my first paragraph, second part, “how to develop your Personality?” What are the ways and means to develop an Individuals personality would be by carrying out the SWOT analysis. The Strength and Weaknesses are Internal Qualities whereas the Opportunities and Threats are external factors which one has to work upon and to make the best out of it.

So once we know our grey areas and we identify our weaknesses and Threats, half our battle is won. So, the ideal place to go for Personality Development would be at any BAFEL Centre near your place.

The trainers at BAFEL are dexterously trained to help you to come out of your cocoon, open your wings and learn how to fly.

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