How to Drop the Hindi se English Approach (PART 2)

  • October 24, 2018
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As stated in our previous article, “Drop the Hindi se English Approach”. We ask our students to drop the idea of thinking in Hindi first and then converting their thoughts to English.

In order to get fluent with English, it is necessary that you start to think in English before you speak in English. Once you inculcate the English-speaking practice or the “think before you speak” technique there will be no need to translate from Hindi to English. After a few days, you won’t even need to think before you speak in English. You will be able to instantly communicate better with this English speaking conversation technique.

English accent and correct pronunciation

Henceforth, make sure you speak in English daily. We mostly translate those sentences which we are speaking for the first time. Once you develop the habit of speaking in English you will automatically stop translating.

We at BAFEL, provide the handholding to each and every student so that they can overcome this approach. This is because of the well-trained and experienced faculty we have at every BAFEL centre. Teachers at our institute don’t believe in imparting theoretical knowledge, instead, they believe in preparing the students for real-life situations. After attending our English speaking courses, you will be able to have an English speaking conversation with anyone.

Firstly, we assess their knowledge of the English language, then we decide upon the course which fits their needs and requirements.

We have two main courses for spoken English Improvement.

  1. Spoken English (BASIC) (3 months, 2 hrs. per session)

This course is for those individuals who have a basic knowledge of English and are new to it. They are the ones who:

  • Lack of knowledge of English Grammar
  • Are Unable to form sentences
  • Have limited Vocabulary


  • Improves Grammar
  • Enhances Vocabulary
  • Correct Sentence formation
  • Art of Conversation
  1. Spoken English (ADVANCE) (3 months, 2 hrs. per session)

This course is for those individuals who have a good knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary but get hesitant while speaking and lack confidence, they may also pronounce some words incorrectly.


  • Advanced Grammar to construct & use complex sentences
  • Advance vocabulary
  • Appropriate usage of idiomatic phrases
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • The extempore session, group activities & flip overs

Hope you liked reading about these courses? In the next series of the article, we will tell you how to improve your communication skills and how to speak fluent English in 30 days?