English in India, Yesterday and Today!

  • November 29, 2017
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English has always been of great significance, be it today or yesterday. History of English education in India can be traced back to the advent of British colonial rule in the country. Earlier, English education was introduced into India because the British East India Company needed translators to ease everyday communication between Indians and the Brits. This is when English first set its foot in our country and ever since there is no looking back.

English in India, Yesterday and Today!

English just didn’t help the East India Company but as a whole, it helped our country to achieve unity in diversity. Since India was a sub- continent inhabited by diverse people there were several languages spoken; English came into picture and culturally united every citizen into one thread.

At present, English has taken the ‘center- stage’ in every sphere of life, including personal and professional. It has emerged as one of the most common and influential languages in the world. It not only has become essential but has also gain the title of being ‘mandatory’ to strive against multiple odds in life. While it plays a crucial role to elevate confidence in an individual, it also garners acceptance, respect and fondness from one and all. Therefore, it won’t be incorrect to say that, English is significant in Modern India too.

The study of English language in this age of globalization is the ‘need-of-the-hour’ as it is remarkably narrowing down the gap between different geographical boundaries. Since India has taken up a huge task of rapidly developing its economy, English assists the country in this attempt by streamlining international affairs through structured communication across all corners. So, whether it is Information Technology, Science & Media, Entrepreneurship, Arts or any given field; English empowers the country and its citizens to take the forefront to achieve success, without any hindrance.

United Nations (U.N) has recognized five languages as its official languages and English takes the first- position among all because of its international acclaim. English has been considered as the most wide- spread language and has the power to help you meet continuous growth and success. Therefore, Indians must not keep their eyes closed in this adventurous period of globalization.

English is a skill that paints the canvas with bright colors so, Embrace this Talent without any delay!

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