Best Business English Training in Dwarka

  • August 1, 2017
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“First impression is the last impression” is a rightly used maxim, that speaks volumes without saying much. But what exactly is Business English?

In general, Business English is a form of English that is specifically suited to International trade, commerce and finance.

This type of English is typically used in —- business meetings, sales presentations, negotiations, business correspondence, business reports, executive summaries etc,.

Business English is normally seen as  a medium / specialism within teaching and learning English. It is studied by many non-native English speakers both professionally and through lineage who wish to do business with English speaking countries or with non-English speaking countries using English as a Linqua Franca.

In fact, there is no globally accepted definition of Business English, but it tends to fall under two main categories i.e.,Vocabulary and Functional Language.

Vocabulary :— is an important factor as sometimes it is difficult for even a native English speaker to understand certain jargons of Business English. Part of studying business english is to study the vocabulary of business, which may itself further specialized by activity or industry like banking, investment, import – export, oil, motor industry etc.

Functional Language :—- another important aspect is the study and practice of the language and the language skills required to conduct various typical business functions such as running a meeting, negotiating or making a presentation. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to teach the aspects of Business English to native English speakers.

So, the next question that usually arises in a person’s mind is — how is business english similar or different from general english? Well, the answer is the similarity begins and ends with the mode of communication i,e., English.

However, the difference is quite vast. For starters, in a broad sense, the content is different as the topics will be related to the work place or world of business—- so instead of family or friends as in general English, a Business English session may/will contain/cover topics like global business cultures, or a day in the life of an office. The skills required may be business communication skills like delivering presentations rather than speaking in general.

The next important question is why choose BAFEL? What is its specialty? Well, BAFEL is the best in the market for training in Business English in Dwarka. It offers the best of the best trainers with the latest information and inputs in the business world. You name it, you get it. And that alone reason is enough to choose BAFEL, Dwarka.

And as there is a huge demand for business English as learners are becoming more clearer as to what they want to use English for. In today’s economy, BAFEL not only teach learners the skills to read, write, listen to and speak English fluently, they also teach learners to be able to communicate in a way which will be recognized and appreciated by their counterparts in the international arena. They want their English language learning to be targeted the same as they want their success in this to be measured using an internationally recognized benchmark. And as BAFEL is not only recognized nationally but also internationally so a one hour session in BAFEL Dwarka is like”manna to life”.

Business English is considered to be a special branch of English within the general studies due to the use of specialized uses of vocabulary and jargons. This knowledge is important for both written and oral forms of communications such as email, letters, phone calls, meetings, presentations and many more.

There are certain core skills in general english are required, such as fluency, listening, reading and writing skills in order to improve one’s business English.

BAFEL Dwarka offers the best training of Business English because it trains you to focus on skills that are applicable to the workplace, on special vocabulary that one might encounter during phone calls, negotiations, meetings etc., and also on general topics that occur within International Trade Relations.

BAFEL not only has but also trains on Business English as this specialization is designed to teach one to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts. He/she will expand his English vocabulary, improve his ability to write and speak and understand in English in not only social as well as professional interactions, and learn terminology and skills that he can apply to business negotiations, telephonic conversations, written reports and emails and professional presentations.

So needless to say, to conclude it can safely be said that to get “the pandora’s box,”the one stop is definitely BAFEL Dwarka, because it offers you the best training in Business English.

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