Exclusive Offer: Kickstart Your UK Nursing Career with Bafel Academy’s Job Placement Program

  • April 12, 2023
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Subject: Exclusive Offer: Discover Your Path to a UK Nursing Career with Bafel Academy’s Job Placement Program

Dear Aspiring Nurses and Bafel Academy Community,

I, Ayush Gupta, CEO of Bafel Academy, am excited to share an amazing opportunity to kickstart your nursing career in the United Kingdom. By completing our profiling form, you’ll not only discover whether IELTS or OET is the right choice for you, but you’ll also become eligible for exclusive discounts on our UK Nurse Job Placement Program fees.

Bafel Academy is dedicated to empowering Indian nurses with the education, training, and support needed to secure high-paying jobs in the UK. Our comprehensive program prepares you to excel as a registered nurse, ensuring a fulfilling and successful career.

Working as a registered nurse in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) hospitals offers you:

  1. Great pay: Enjoy competitive salaries as a nurse in the UK
  2. Career growth: Learn and grow in the UK healthcare system
  3. Job security: High demand for skilled nurses means stable job prospects
  4. Supportive work culture: NHS promotes teamwork and values nursing staff
  5. Access to top healthcare: NHS employees and their families benefit from excellent healthcare services
  6. Cultural experiences: Discover new cultures and make friends while living and working in the UK

Take the first step in your UK nursing journey by completing our profiling form. This will help us understand your needs better and guide you towards the best exam choice – IELTS or OET. Plus, you’ll unlock special discounts on our training program fee!

To join our program, visit our website or contact our admissions team at +91-9212779992 or info@bafel.co.in for more information.

Don’t miss this chance – complete the Profiling Form , discover your path, and launch your UK nursing career with Bafel Academy.

Warm regards,

Ayush Gupta
CEO, Bafel Academy