Afraid of PTA meeting of your child?- Enroll in English speaking course at BAFEL

  • August 16, 2018
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english speaking course in Delhi

Are you worried about attending PTA meetings because you do not know English? Are you sacred because people will judge you because you are not good at the English language?

Today, it is necessary for parents to keep in stride with the growth of a child as they are exposed to different avenues and opportunities of learning. The world is highly competitive and the competition is cutthroat, which puts even more pressure on children to excel in their academics.

This is only possible if parents keep a track on their children’s academic growth curve and therefore schools organize PTA meetings, where parents interact with teachers to know about their child’s performance both socially and academically.

However, if you are worried to attend those meeting because you lack the skill to speak English, then you must definitely look into our course for spoken English.

Written English vs. Spoken English

We assume that if we know how to read English and say that aloud, we know the language English. However, written English is different from spoken English and that is why the online course materials and English speaking books are of very little help in improving your spoken language.

At BAFEL, we understand that speaking English is like an exercise and involves active speaking exercises to get the right pronunciation. Having a large vocabulary does not help in speaking English because it involves the use of vocal cords and a different pattern along with grammar variation.

Our strategy

With systematic approach to speaking English, we help the candidate in learning the language by breaking down the details of right pronunciation, vocabulary and tone. With our guidance in correct way of speech, the candidate is subjected to internal mock tests and speech sessions to tune out vernacular tone patterns and bring out a refined language while speaking English.

So, the next time you attend a PTA meeting, you can not only understand but also converse with the teachers to show your active involvement in your children’s academics.Come, join us today and make a difference in your children’s lives, with an extra boost of confidence by learning to speak English fluently.

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