How to get an A on the OET writing sub-test?

  • November 27, 2018
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Wondering how to get an in the OET writing section? BAFEL gives you some tips below to secure an ‘A’:

OET is a paper-based test. In the OET Writing test, there are case notes and a task. Selecting from the case notes according to the task and creating a logical structure for your letter and making sure that the letter is written in your own words is the key thing to do.

The task

The task is the most important part of the case notes. In the first 5 min of reading time, this part is the first thing that needs attention. The Task mentions ‘WHOM’ you are writing to and ‘THE REASON’. You have to understand the Task as to who and why you and select case notes that are relevant to the reader. For medical professionals who are from different fields, the writing task will be assigned as per their area of expertise. For example, a dermatologist will be assigned a task related to acne and a neurologist will be assigned a task related to the brain cases.

Usually, the OET examiner purposefully puts in case notes to distract candidates from the Task and this ensures you understand the task completely.

Method to attempt OET

The writing test can be dealt with in three steps:

  • Selecting case notes
  • Organizing case notes
  • Transforming case notes

Tip #1 Understand the task completely- who you are writing to and why. It increases your chance of completing the task dramatically and indicates your competency in front of the examiners.

Tip #2 See how the sample writing sub-test letters are constructed according to the Task.

Tip #3 Study the case notes and understand which ones are important, and which ones are not. This saves time and helps you write a crisp letter.

Tip #4 Organize: The case notes must be written neatly in paragraphs with a clear structure, namely -introduction, main paragraph, secondary issues and any other details along with the request.

Tip #5 Select and organize case notes but write it in your own words. It gives the impression that you have understood the task given to you. Do not write the same given case/story.

These tips must get you through your OET exam quite easily. Enrol with BAFEL today to understand each aspect much more clearly and secure an ‘A’ in your OET.