• July 20, 2018
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New Zealand is a country in the southwestern pacific ocean consisting of 2 main islands both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. New Zealand is famous for its indigenous people who settled the pacific ocean more than 1000 years ago. It is a sovereign island country. New Zealand is generally a very safe place of travel with a relatively low crime rate and a great healthcare system. It is a country of stunning and diverse natural beauty jagged mountains, rolling pasture lands.

It is one of the world’s best place to study. If one is planning to study here full time, then you will need a student Visa. One must be under 56 years of age. The traveller and his/her family meet all health standards and English ability requirements but there are certain things which one should keep in mind before traveling to New Zealand.

  • Get ready for chilli weather:

While getting ready to travel to New Zealand make sure that you pack your sweaters and woollen clothes. It is situated in mountainous region hence the weather here is chilly with a chance of sporadic rains. The higher the altitude the cooler to travel. As a result one needs warm clothing for hikes and outdoor activities outside the city limits.

  • English test IELTS/PTE:

If one is planning to go to New Zealand for higher studies it is mandatory to clear IELTS with a good band score to get admission in top universities of New Zealand. Higher the IELTS score, better option for universities you get.

  • Only 8 universities in New Zealand:

It might be surprising that New Zealand has only 8 universities while we compare it with the size of the country. There are huge universities consisting of 1700 -3000 students along with private universities consisting of 3000- 12000 students.

  • Health insurance:

Health insurance is the plan which protects one from paying long heavy bills if one gets sick. There is one major difference in other countries and New Zealand and that is all 8 universities in New Zealand have come up with one single insurance plan for its students. The objective is to reduce the burden of the students. The premium is also easily borne by the students.

  • Accommodation for the students:

Students have to opt for either on or off campus accommodation. The cost of accommodation in each university depends on number of beds, food served etc. when we consider off campus it depends whether food is included in cost or not. Number of beds in each room etc. off campus accommodation are around the universities only.

  • Scholarship in New Zealand universities:

A scholarship is a great way to help cater for your study and living expenses. Then one does not need to find part time work to cover their expenses. Many scholarship for international students including PhD scholarships for master’s degrees are offered by the New Zealand government, educational institutions.

  • Littering Is not allowed:

Environmental protection is quiet serious in New Zealand.so messing up their spic and span city would invite a pretty strong backlash/penalty.

  • Work opportunities:

Students are always keen to work in New Zealand and always finds a way from which they can cover their expenses and help in payment of university fee also. With student visa one can work up to 20 hours a week but only when one has taken two year program.

  • Important paper work with the university:

Make sure that you submit all the documents demanded by the university. You should submit your enrolment form which is compulsory for the international students.

  • The best student cities:

Last but not the least New Zeeland has many cities like Auckland, wellington, Christchurch are some of the top student cities. The atmosphere is very conducive for academic along with clean, green and safe environment.

It is ones responsibility and duty to follow all rules of that country where one has gone to study. New Zealand is best country in the world for studying.

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