A Courses For Everyone

A Courses For Everyone

BAFEL USP lies in its Customization of Courses. We cater to anyone and everyone in the society and customize our training depending on the profile of the trainee.


  • A Course for Doctors: Since doctors have to interact with a lot of foreign patients, they feel comfortable talking to their patients after the training course.


  • A Course for a Lawyer: Lawyers get the help in their arguments in the court/s and feel confident while dealing with their clients.


  • A Course for IAS: IAS Officers have to interact with people from all walks of life from top to bottom level. So good communication is the pre requisite for them which they acquire through BAFEL customized training.


  • A Course for Film Stars: Since they are the celebrities and have to not only interact with their audience but also remain active through social media platform/s and be active on Media.  So for them, error free communication in English becomes must as if there is any miscommunication or even a word here and there; there are thousands of eyes and pens ready to run after them and chances that their image can get ruined.


  • A Course for Rich & Famous: Since their networking is so wide that they need to interact with people from all walks of life and also people at an International platform, BAFEL has a course for them.


  • A Course for Foreigners: BAFEL has developed and designed different module/s for Foreigners as their education patterns are different than Indians. We teach them both English and Hindi. These modules are so strong that they come to India for a complete year to acquire the mastery of the language.


  • A Course for Embassy/s: BAFEL has trained thousands and thousands of foreign students so successfully that we have tie ups with Embassy/s of different countries. Not only the students but we trained Embassy’s Senior Diplomats customizing their training module based on their high end job profile.


  • A Course for Sportsperson: In order to maintain their public image in the society, they need BAFEL course.


  • A Course for Engineer/s: The need of the hour in IT sector is English and they cannot do without it in order to excel in their life.


  • A Course for MBA’s: In order to showcase their talent while appearing in Campus Interviews and thereafter while performing their job responsibilities, they need BAFEL course for sure.
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