What is OET?

  • October 29, 2018
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What is OET?

OET (Occupational English Test) is an internationally recognized English proficiency test, mainly for the healthcare sector. OET is specifically designed for medical professionals who seek to register and want to work/practice in an English-speaking Environment.

Since 2013, OET is owned by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA).

  • OET is applicable for 12 healthcare professions, including Nursing, Dentistry, Dietetics, Podiatry, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Radiography, Veterinary Science and Speech Pathology.
  • OET is recognized by various healthcare organizations, hospitals, colleges, universities. They use it as a proof of a candidate’s ability to effectively communicate with patients, doctors, healthcare professionals abroad.
  • Thus, OET is considered the most reliable and valid assessment of healthcare professionals communication skills.
  • The OET course prepares the candidates in four language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
  • The four OET sub-tests are graded from A to E, where A is the highest grade and E is the lowest.
  • OET is recognized by Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Dubai, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Ireland, Namibia and the United

Why do regulators, educators, employers and immigration department use OET?

  • Healthcare Employers use OET to make sure that the employees possess optimum English language skills so that they can ensure patient safety and reduce communication errors.
  • Healthcare Regulators use OET to make sure that the healthcare professionals are proficient in English related to their workplace.
  • Healthcare Educators use OET as a base to make sure patients are in safe hands and are provided quality services.
  • Department of Immigration uses OET as a base to judge whether the candidates possess the necessary English proficiency required for the visa.

Why should You take OET at BAFEL?

  • The OET course at BAFEL helps you to develop language skills for success in clinical placement, healthcare registration and the workplace.
  • At BAFEL, you are provided with the latest OET material to prepare for the OET course.
  • You are trained to handle real-life healthcare scenarios so that you will know what to expect and thus, you will feel more confident on the day of the test.

This article was about OET, in the next article of the series we will discuss,Why OET is Essential for Nurses”?