Tips to Clear IELTS exam with Good Band Score

  • August 18, 2018
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Everyone who aspires to go abroad for higher studies or job has to possess good English skills and to check so; the Universities and Companies ask the candidates to pass an IELTS (English Language Testing System) Test with a good band score. This test is to evaluate the English language skill of those, whose native language is not English.

Although IELTS is thought to be one of the toughest exams, with proper guidance and preparation you can easily score a good band score. It is basically divided into two categories Academic and General Training. IELTS exam is divided into four main sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. BAFEL, one of the leading IELTS training institutes can help you to prepare for it. BAFEL, British Academy for the English Language has a renowned staff of IELTS experts that guide students and professionals to not only clear the IELTS examination but score the desired band as well.

Here are some tips which can help you to score a good band score in IELTS.

  • Read More

Read as much as you can, it is one of the best strategies to enhance your English skills. Apart from that, reading different types of text also improves and broadens your knowledge. Thus, make reading a habit; read whatever you like, you can start with short stories, novels, newspapers, magazines and anything which interests you.

  • Work On your Grammar

You are known to be proficient in a language when you can frame grammatically correct sentences. It is very important that you speak and write using correct grammar. Once you start reading, your grammar will also improve. Moreover, you can buy a grammar book and learn the basics of English Grammar.

  • Practice Writing in English Daily

Once you are proficient with the grammar, start practising your knowledge of the English language by writing at least 300-500 words daily. You can write about anything, it can be an essay, short story or you can even start the practice of writing a personal diary. This practice will also improve your vocabulary.

Please visit your nearest BAFEL institute for further guidance and information on the IELTS training course.

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