Things to Comprehend Before Going Abroad: Nurses Placement in UK

  • August 29, 2018
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Moving abroad from one’s country is a very brave decision to make. It takes a whole lot of planning and courage to move to some foreign place for further studies or for work. There is a lot of mental turmoil associated with the decision and a person can either show it up front or not. There are many factors to be considered before moving to another country and these factors cannot be missed out in order to tackle the upcoming change in the way one exists. There are some things that should be analysed and researched before moving abroad and some of them are discussed below:

Change in Lifestyle

We might understand this or not but it is one of the most crucial factors. Every nation, city or community has its own way to live life. These things include many aspects such as the clothing that is worn or the movies that are liked by the community members. Understanding the way the lifestyle exists helps a person to easily gel in the community and be accepted by the larger populace. Also, understanding the foreign lifestyle prevents the person from getting a “culture shock”.


Food is a basic item which is important for one’s survival. One of the first things that should be researched about a different country is the food that is eaten by the people. It should be kept in mind that supply is always directly proportionate to the demand. The more a food is popular among the crowd, the more it will be available throughout the markets. You should do your research accordingly and understand if you are comfortable with the type of food available because you would have to live with it every day.


Another important factor that exists in a country or culture is the language, which is commonly spoken and written. Although in most of the countries, English is one of the most common languages that is spoken and used as a formal language. However, in many countries, there are other languages that are more prominent than English. This aspect should be thoroughly researched to overcome any embarrassment in this direction. It is also important because the most prominent language would be used from the very instance of communication with the country’s embassy and other consulates. If one doesn’t know the language, it can lead to a lot of miscommunication. Generally English is the most accepted international language and this is where BAFEL will help you.

Living Cost

Whenever someone moves to a different country, it is done in search of greener pastures. In other words, it can be said that the financial aspect cannot be ruled out of the decision. One of the most important financial aspects that should be taken into consideration is that of the living cost that is involved in the country. One should analyse the amount of money that is required for school/college fees, accommodation cost, food cost and the transit cost. Another slot should be kept for “overhead expenses”. Once a total figure is available, it should be compared with the budget that one has and whether that figure can be matched. If the budget exceeds the living cost estimate, only then the decision to move to the new country should be taken forward. BAFEL ensures this and the job offered to Nurses are with handsome salaries.

What to carry along?

Once you are comfortable to take your decision to move abroad forward, you have to carry a substantial amount of luggage along with you. There are certain factors associated with luggage like there is weight restrictions while flying internationally. Everything you would probably need has to be adjusted in a fixed weight luggage. There are some articles of regular use that are not easily available in the new country that can be included in luggage. Other common articles such as clothes are available all over the world and they can be carried in limited quantity.

BAFEL ensures end to end solution and holds your hand till the time you are settled in UK and your Job.

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