Planning a Start-up? Go for Education Business

  • September 21, 2018
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Increasing number of people are now understanding the importance of starting their own businesses – some are at the onset of their careers, while some other are spending a good deal of time working for others.

Once you have made up your mind that you do want to start your own business, but still don’t know how to start and what to do, then explore the opportunity of taking a franchisee of a reputed educational institute. Collaborating with a reputed institute helps you grow as an entrepreneur, having to manage your own center while your risks are reduced to a greater extent; because this is an institute that people know it already would have a substantial reputation.

BAFEL is one such institute which offers its franchisee to any individual who can invest an amount of 20-25 lakhs in exchange for a chance to be a part of a leading center for education.


BAFEL has now successfully established itself as one of the premium institutes for English language for aspirants who want to pursue their higher education on an international soil. BAFEL prepares its students for TOEFL, IELTS, OET etc. with the help of a training methodology which is scientific, applicable and relevant and which will allow its students to crack the most challenging tests with ease.

The trainings are based on multimedia approach, where courses are split into modules for convenience and systematic study. With the help of practice sessions, tests and counselling, we prepare our students to face these examinations without a challenge. The institute also provides study materials for those working in BPOs, retail sectors, Insurance and Banking sectors, which have helped a lot of people achieve the proficiency in English that they need in their day-to-day work life.

Why partner with BAFEL?

All Round Guidance – Apart from the Brand reputation, BAFEL will provide management assistance and technical guidance to all its franchisee. From manpower recruitment assistance and advertising strategy guidance to trainer trainings and project start-up guidance.

Trainings – BAFEL will provide guidance on admission procedures, downloading of course material, issuance of certificates, trainings on corporate presentations etc. to allow its franchisees to grow and sustain.

Welcome Kit – The Welcome Kit provided by BAFEL includes Students’ kits, stationery and marketing materials like sun packs, pamphlets, stickers, cards etc. It also includes signages, display boards, creative designs for advertising and canopy.

Promotion and Publicity – BAFEL not only gives you all the necessary material things to start your own center independently, but also provides valuable resources to create your brand awareness with the help of image-building campaigns, brand promotion through print and electronic media, Google advertisements and promotion through the BAFEL main website.


  1. Fill up the Franchisee Application Form.
  2. Study the BAFEL Franchisee kit thoroughly.
  3. Send proposed site photographs.
  4. On Site approval, send the confirmation amount of minimum Rs. 2 lakhs.
  5. Site visit by BAFEL authorities.
  6. Sign Franchisee agreement and remit the franchisee fee.
  7. Handover of necessary manuals and construction of interior furnishing.
  8. Advertisement in print media.
  9. Handover of Student kits and study materials.
  10. Training of Trainers.

PRE-REQUISITES to start a BAFEL Franchisee

Area – 700 to 1,000 sq.feet

Franchisee Fee – Rs. 20 Lakhs

GST – 18%

Security Deposit – Rs. 1 Lakh

Center set up cost – As required

QMC – 36 monthly PDCs of Rs. 45, 000 each

BAFEL is a forward thinking educational institute with its eye on the future. With more and more people coming and joining BAFEL, we can only comprehend to what lengths the institute can go in terms of reach and growth. Come and be a part of this experience!


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