OET Writing Tips for Beginners

  • October 3, 2021
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The Occupational English Language Test (OET) is an English language test designed to evaluate healthcare professionals’ language and communication skills. This assessment is aimed at non-native English speakers who want to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. The OET, like other English language assessment examinations, assesses a candidate’s ability to read, write, speak, and listen. There is only one job in the OET’s writing area. The section’s duty entails writing a recommendation letter using the case notes provided, with the letter’s length ranging between 180 and 200 words.

OET for nurses.
OET for nurses.
  1. Know your exam

Go to the official website and go through the information provided it is very important to have complete knowledge of your exam.

  • Marking Scheme

The mark systems that the OET uses to score the test have been published on their official website. You must understand things like the back of your hand. You’ll know how to achieve a decent grade if you understand how they’ll grade your test!

  • Consistency

Do you prefer British or American English? It doesn’t matter whatever you prefer; the important thing is that you choose one and stick with it! Decide whether to use the numeral or the letter when writing numbers. Be consistent with your tenses as well. It is appropriate to use either the present tense or the past tense when addressing current symptoms, especially when discussing current symptoms.

  • Smart Study

 Practice alone, however, is insufficient! You must ensure that you get the most out of your practice time. (“Make the most of”) is another effective idiom. To accomplish this, you must begin practicing with the exam’s timings. You have 40 minutes in the exam to write your letter (in addition to 5 minutes of reading time). As a result, you should practice writing a letter in 35 minutes.

  • Content

It’s critical to think about what information you want to include in your letter. Your letter won’t be able to convey the proper things if it doesn’t have the right substance. The best information to give depends on what the audience needs to keep caring for the patient. The case notes contain all of the information you’ll need for your letter.

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