Why OET is more preferred by medical professionals?

  • September 15, 2018
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A specially designed international test for healthcare professionals, Occupational English Test has opened the door for many nurses desiring to work in UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Dubai and Australia.  OET is the most accessible test which will make the medical professionals fluent in English as well as well- versed with medical knowledge.

Benefits of Occupational English Test:

Occupational English Test has proven beneficial for many nurses and even other healthcare professions like pharmacy, physiotherapy, dentistry, medicine, occupational therapy, radiography etc. By taking OET, nurses have the chance to learn professional skills which are somewhat different in western countries. OET makes use of your vocabulary, content knowledge and learning experience as it is related to the profession. It is also helpful in enhancing your English language which is a necessity while working in an international country and you get to know the medical terms frequently used in healthcare profession, unlike IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE courses, which focuses on improving your English language only. OET helps you build confidence in yourself.

How is OET assessed?

Occupational English Test is assessed on the basis of reading, speaking, writing and listening skills and will be evaluated on a scale from 0 to 500 alongside the usual OET grades (A-E).

  • Reading: Reading part will be of one hour and it is divided into three parts. Part one is of 15 minutes and consists of expeditious i.e. fast reading task. Part two and three is of 45 minutes and includes six short workplace extracts and two long presentation passages. It will be based on professional-to-professional communication like consulting with a colleague and also includes new tasks such as matching, short- answer questions and new range of documents.
  • Speaking: This part is approximately of 20 minutes and consist of two role- plays wherein you will play the role of a nurse and the role of patient will be played by the examiner. The situation will be based on the selected topic card. You will be assessed on wider range of clinical communication skills, relationship building, understanding the patient’s viewpoint, providing structure to the conversation, gathering information from the patients, and establishing what the patient already knows  which will be similar to the task that you will encounter at your work and are very crucial for you.
  • Writing: Writing is of 45 minutes and you will be asked to read some case notes and write follow- up or referral or discharge letter for the patients.
  • Listening: Listening is approximately of 45 minutes and consists of three parts. The first part will be of 15 minutes and you will be made to listen to two separate consultations between a healthcare professional and patient. The second part will be of 10 minutes and it consist of six short dialogues or monologues in a workplace setting. And the last and third part is of 15 minutes and it includes two long presentation or interviews with health professionals.  You will be introduced to broader range of accents and communication will be professional-to-professional like doctor-to-doctor conversation.

With the assessment on these skills, you will become ready to work in a fast- paced environment and understanding complex information quickly. It is recommended to take OET because this is the only test which is especially designed keeping in mind the necessity of healthcare professionals.

Which is the best institute for OET preparation?

Well, there is no other institute like British Academy for English Language for the preparation of Occupational English Test exam. BAFEL consists of all the latest study materials which are helpful for people desiring to work in healthcare sector in an international country. The professional trainers of BAFEL have the knowledge required to clear the OET exam with excellent grades. The trainers will work on your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills and will make you familiar with the medical terms used in healthcare sector. Many nurses who have been mentored by trainers of BAFEL are successfully working in the reputed hospitals and National Health Service Trust in UK. One of the leading institute of India, BAFEL believes in giving quality education to their students. Being aware about the value of time and money, BAFEL never misses even a single session.

So, if you are interested in working overseas as a nurse, then join BAFEL to get expert training from the experts itself. Get ready to fly high by clearing OET.


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