• July 28, 2018
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It is truly said that good communication skills are the key to success! In today’s world nothing can express your personality well than the effective communication skills. Human society-with its sharing, caring and interdependence- is well and truly grounded in communication. The ability to voice your opinion is the only skill which one need to stand apart from the crowd. Communication skills is the prerequisite for a good career to start, any where today, be it a student life jobs or an organization, communication skills are a must landing to succeed in it. It is important at every stage of life. We find people with good communication skills rises faster than others in life. Even house communication in day to day life establishes good relationship between parents and children. The results of poor communication can easily be seen at any workplace and it hinders one’s growth in their career. It also gives us the ability to influence others. It is a connection between two entities. It actually helps us to exchange knowledge.

Communication skills-key to success

  • Makes other understand: if one has good communication skills then it would not be difficult to make others understand your points at workplace. You can explain your ideas well that makes sense and would be easy to understand. Like your supervisor can understand your point well and that is all you need to make your position better. You can communicate with your customer well and explain them about your product or services that you are offering. Your communication skills can make a difference between a satisfied customer and a frustrated one.
  • Listen well- communication is a two way process. One has to be a good listener also not only a speaker. It has been said that listening requires more patience than speaking. If one will not listen carefully then how he/she will answer. To satisfy a customer one must listen what are the customer’s requirements and demands are and how they can be properly fulfilled. So, listening is also an important part with speaking. Without listening one cannot answer the questions correctly and whole communication process will go in vain if these two process do not work simultaneously.
  • Body language- your body language also communicates with you. It is actually called non verbal communication in which your gestures, eye contact works with you. Also pay attention to the communicator nonverbal signals with whom you are talking to. For example, if a person is not looking into your eyes he/she may not be feeling comfortable or hiding the truth from you. So, one must understand other’s non verbal communication gestures to find hidden answers in that.
  • Clarity in your conversation-good communication means saying enough not talking too much or making stories which might change the mood of customers. One should communicate to the point for which the communication is going on. Think about what you want to say before saying it. This will not create any confusion in conversation and the work mode will smoothly go on.
  • Confidence- communication also requires confidence which is an important part of it. It is essential to be confident in interacting with others. Avoid making statements which sounds like questions. One has to be careful not to be arrogant or aggressive while conversing or presenting their points. Whenever you disagree with the employer or customer it is important for you to understand and respect their point of view. A good communicator should enter into any communication with flexible and open mind situation. Then you will be able to have productive conversation.
  • Why BAFEL for good communication skills?

Beginning a conversation and then carrying it to a level of meaningful discussion can be a daunting task. But with BAFEL one can fortify this daunting task. We at BAFEL assures to work on communication skills with proper means and start with the very basic concepts so that a student can learn from the beginning and carries it till end. Communication is a complex subject with many areas and skills to consider. We are here to help you with lots of content which will help you to further develop your communication skills. By infusing a healthy competition and curiosity among students, it would become easy to develop communication skills in a candidate and put them into practice.

So come and learn effective communication skills which is a key to success with BAFEL.

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