• July 25, 2018
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ENGLISH-A MUST FOR SUCCESSFUL CAREER.As we all know that, English is the only language which is a medium of connection between people of different region, culture, language and countries. The seeds of English were imparted by Britishers in most part of the world where they ruled a few years ago. Indeed, they Gave a common language to the world. Understanding what other people wants or needs through mutual language is very important. Proper language skills are very important for getting a job. The importance of English in job requirement is increasing day by day. In a globalised and interconnected world, English is the only common medium of communication among all. It is the mostly used medium of communication which can not be overlooked. Therefore, it is important to learn English for commuting with the people all over world and explore business opportunities in international market.

English language requirement is increasing due to the following reasons:


Proper language skills are super important for getting a good job in today’s time. English always had a reputation of professionalism and greater intelligence. It is an integral part of any organization. English helps in establishing networks in jobs all over the world. Some job skills include content writing and international call center executive so for these or any other type of jobs effective English communication is must. It also helps in getting job overseas without English it would be difficult for you to communicate effectively.


Today, more and more international companies are using English as a common language of business to communicate. To succeed in business one must have a hold on English language. English is the only language which is used in communicating between people of different countries and It is must to know English to grow the business at international level.



Career can easily be spoiled due to miscommunication in business or jobs. When someone do not know good English or the vocabulary used is not proper there is a chance that it might spoil one’s reputation, business growth or job opportunities. If you have a thick accent, the probability of your being misunderstood is high.  When you speak good English, it is impressive but when you don’t, it can often cost you the business opportunity or job.



Selling products for your business or if you are into sales department of any company then you can easily convince people of different languages with your fluency in English about your product. You will need to make people understand clearly by ensuring that you use proper English in delivering your point of view. English is main component in the use of internet.



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