BAFEL Tilak Nagar Course Details

  • August 25, 2017
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British academy for english language – BAFEL, Tilak nagar is the best institute for spoken english. BAFEL, Tilak nagar is a brand name in the market and has few competitors to match its standards. it delivers expert coaching to students on twelve modules. BAFEL modules starts from imparting foundation course in spoken english to students who cannot speak english. if asked about introducing themselves, they cannot even speak a single sentence in english. since english is spoken at the workplace and is widely accepted as the medium of communication, many students find it difficult to write in english and express themselves to their colleagues. they falter at every step and are not confident of their expressions at any official meeting. they are not able to deliver a presentation which hamper their development and promotions. so, at BAFEL Tilak nagar we help students to learn english and make them fluent in speaking the language.

The training at British academy for english language, Tilak nagar starts with teaching what a sentence is all about. they are introduced to the main elements of a sentence i.e. the subject, verb and object. the kinds of sentences that are spoken everyday are then taught. once the students are thorough about how to construct a sentence, the trainer moves on to the next topic ‘verbs’. verbs are action words which is beautifully explained to the students. the different kinds of verbs as well as the chief forms of verbs are explained. the third chapter explains the parts of speech – nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs and pronouns. exhaustive exercise material on each topic is there for the students to practice. tenses are explained in the next chapter in detail. the rules for framing sentences under each division of tenses are explained in this chapter.

The fifth chapter contains new word lists to enhance the vocabulary of the students. new words are given on day to day topics. exercises for discussion and conversation follow the introduction to new words. the translation of common words and phrases from hindi to english are explained in the next chapter. the student is introduced to a few commonly used sentences. they are taught how to frame questions. situational conversations are enacted through role plays.

The basic course book two contains detailed explanation of adverbs and adjective under the corrective english section. the definite and indefinite articles and their omissions form the crux of the next chapter. the usage of prepositional words is explained very beautifully. words used to express the mood of the verb i.e. modals like can, could, should, would, may, might, etc. are explained in the last chapter of corrective english section.

Part two of the basic course book two builds up fluency in english language in a student. words to enhance vocabulary and build up strong basics in the language are given on different topics sequentially. verbal tasks are assigned on the basis of words learnt during the class. students are encouraged to use the words learnt to form meaningful sentences which makes complete sense. mistakes related to masculine/ feminine gender committed by students is detailed out. the students are taught how to differentiate between the two genders and how to avoid committing mistakes in their usage. commonly used words and phrases in different situations are also taught. sentences of daily use are discussed in details. idioms, home phones, and one-word substitutes are taught and their usage identified in a sentence. the art of conversation exercise sums up sentences that should be used for taking/giving permissions, making requests, refusing politely, etc.  the practice exercises have situations to be described by using these sentences. awesome is the word that completely summarizes the module that has been prepared by the faculty at BAFEL.

after undergoing training at BAFEL, Tilak nagar students are completely satisfied by the way the faculty conduct the classroom sessions. the students are not allowed to remain as passive audience. they are encouraged to speak which gives them an opportunity to hone their oral skills. the feedback received from the students on oratory exercises has been positive. the slow learners are encouraged by giving positive comments. their attention is drawn to the mistakes they make in the class. the errors are identified and corrected. topics of conversations, role plays, presentations, and group discussions are given according to the level of the students. so, they speak spontaneously and confidently about the subject. the students dream of being successful by appreciating the beauty of the english language and at BAFEL, Tilak nagar we help them to achieve their dream.

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