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  • September 4, 2018
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India, where there are numerous languages, cultures, and dialects, learning any new language is a little tricky. People usually learn to speak by listening to new words, sounds and eventually understand what it means. Fluency, therefore, depends on hearing as much as it does on the actual act of speaking.

In India, English is often used in the metro cities and two-tier states as a medium of communication. Even then, people speak English with a local tone and the pronunciation seems to be different from the original tongue. Often this distinction in pronunciation proves to be the benchmark for judging people with respect to their upbringing and education.

A refined tone and a command on the language often create an aura of a sophisticated personality with higher learning. And absence of such a polished outlook creates a lack of confidence in people even when they are highly qualified and deserve a much higher place in the success ladder.

Why is English necessary?

English, today, is one of the most widely and commonly spoken languages around the world. Almost all the information on the internet is available in English. International and global communication runs with English as one of the primary languages.  Business and other modes of trades often rely on English as a medium of communication.

The entire education system recognizes English as one of the primary languages that a person today needs to be conversant for having a proper communication with any sector of the society. Indians have a chance to work abroad, earn a much higher income thanks to the opportunities that are open abroad. However, these areas of application need the candidate to know English-both written and verbal communication skills.

Knowing English, therefore, is vital in the modern world.

How does BAFEL help you in learning English?

We, at BAFEL,are aware of the opportunities that English language can provide you for your career growth. BAFEL is centered towards the dynamic growth of an individual by helping them learn the English language much fluently.

Here, at BAFEL, we do not leave things to chance; we take active interest in the progress of a candidate who aspires to learn English. And with this approach, we have become one of the finest centers for excellence in the country when it comes to teaching English.

From Basic English speaking courses to professional courses such as OET, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. we cater to  a wide range of people every day. We also have customized courses to suit your level of fluency and have a proven track record of candidates who have passed out from our academy with a newfound confidence in speaking the language.

Right from the common homemaker to a highly qualified professional, we have been able to make a unique difference in the lives of people with our easy-to-learn approach and methods of teaching English.

Our Methods

We have a highly qualified and trained professional staff that looks into teaching earnest pupils with vigor and enthusiasm. Thanks to their efforts, we have a high percentage of students passing out with excellence each year and we applaud the continuous success to our systematic methods of teaching.

Our methods are direct and interactive, which makes it necessary for the candidates to participate in a dynamic way. In this way, we reach out to the inner-self of a person and transform them into confident individuals.

We take utmost pride in saying that BAFEL is your one stop destination for your dream careers. Trust us with your time and we assure to transform your personality into a confident one with the command over English. Do visit us today to book your seats in our esteemed institute.

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