BAFEL – The best option for nurses planning to work abroad

  • August 21, 2018
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Do you want to work in healthcare as a nurse, but have problems communicating in English?

Do you have a good vocabulary but still find hard to have a command over spoken English?

Do you feel the lack of confidence in speaking English even when you have known the language since your childhood?

Many people face such problems when it comes to spoken English. And, if you feel that you are one among such people then step forward and enroll with us at BAFEL.

We, at BAFEL, are professionals who teach the nuances of spoken English, not only to students but also to professionals – especially people who want to pursue a career abroad in healthcare and other arenas. As an academy of continuous excellence, we offer an array of courses that include IELTS, OET, TOEFL, PTE, etc. apart from the basic spoken English and voice ‘n’ accent training programs.

OET training

For nurses who wish to pursue their career abroad, OET (Occupational English Test) is a healthcare-specific English language test which is used to assess the communication skills of healthcare professionals.

This exam tests the individual’s ability to communicate effectively in English to patients, doctors and organizations like hospitals and universities. OET organizes test for various healthcare skilled people including doctors, nurses, dieticians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, pharmacists, speech pathologists occupational therapists, vets, physiotherapists and radiographers.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test that higher education institutions and healthcare regulatory bodies employs to test the fluency of English while enrolling for foreign universities or career options abroad.

IELTS is a test recognized globally by universities, regulatory bodies, immigration authorities and companies including non-English speaking countries as well in more than 140 countries.

BAFEL – The best place for healthcare professionals planning to work abroad

At BAFEL, our study modules and qualified team trains our students to improve their interpretation skills of the English language along with reading, writing and fluency in speaking. This guarantees a better score in the OET, IELTS, TOFEL/ PTE and other exams and ensures our students excel in every job opportunity out there with confidence.

Come, enroll with BAFEL today and help us make a difference in your life.



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