Why BAFEL is the best Institute for Spoken English?

  • August 30, 2018
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The British Academy for English Language (BAFEL) is an institute whose name is synonymous with excellence in training.

BAFEL offers classes in Spoken English that is designed to develop and sustain the students’ ability to speak and write in English effectively. The Institute isfocused and follows a methodical as well as an integrated teaching approach. BAFEL teaches its students to understand the language and express your thoughts and views in an appropriate manner.

Future Ready Course Structure

BAFEL is specifically aimed at benefiting its students in the professional world. There is a special focus on how English is spoken in the professional landscape and strives to develop every aspect of it. The course structure followed at BAFEL has a lot of scenario- based training to help students in the job world. The course is designed to bring about drastic results in confidence along with the language training.

Huge Coverage

BAFEL’s network of students not only caters to the diverse needs of school or college- going children but also expands to include employees of private and Governmental organizations, housewives, stay-at-home moms – basically anyone who wants to learn and excel in spoken English.

One-Stop Shop

BAFEL not only prepares its students to speak English fluently but also guides and hand holds the aspirants of OET and IELTS by providing them with useful tips and learning methodology. So, if you are striving to pursue a higher education in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, then BAFEL will be the best place for you to prepare yourself for the Occupational English Test (OET). With courses designed specifically to improve one’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, a student is well-prepared to face these challenging competitive exams.

Comprehensive Modules

The entire course structure for Spoken English is divided into four convenient but comprehensive modules to cover all aspects of the subject. In the Foundation course, which is of 2 months duration, is designed to give a basic understanding of the language and clarifies fundamental concepts. This is particularly helpful for students for whom English is a rather new subject.

The Spoken English Basic courseis typically for those students who are not new to the English Language. These are students who although may have studied in public schools, have poor knowledge of grammar. Hence, this module hones their grammatical skills, expands vocabulary, develops reading skills and focuses on their pronunciation.

In the Spoken English Advanced Course, is for those who have a fair knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but are not very confident when it comes to speaking. This module increasingly focuses on advanced grammar construction and usage of complex sentences, advanced vocabulary development, public speaking skills etc. with the help of audio-visual aids and other teaching methods.

There are also other courses like the Spoken English Mastery course, Spoken English Comprehensive course, and other customized courses – all of which have designed to cater to specific needs of the students.

Voice & Accent Training

This course provides training to all students who have faulty diction and whose spoken English is very heavily influenced by their mother tongue. Through voice and accent training, we guide the students in the right articulation of words and inculcate a neutral accent for a better flow of communication.

An emphasis is also given in the differentiation of the different accents like American, British etc.

Unwavering Focus

BAFEL’s course doesn’t end within the four walls of the classroom. We constantly encourage our students to speak only in English within the premises of the institute and at home, if possible. This removes hesitation and imbibes a sense of confidence among them. Our streamlined teaching process helpsthese students to practice what they learn – all at the same time.

Corporate Training Module at BAFEL

With the help of its skilled and experienced faculties, BAFEL conducts corporate training for private and public companies. This particular module follows a very practical approach, keeping in mind the requirements of the course and what it is expected to achieve. Hence, the module is full of role-plays, debates, extempore, JAM sessions etc. to hone specific skills of the participants.

The corporate training module at BAFEL improves inter-personal skills by improving communication and encourages employees to have a better interaction with other fellow employees.

The course not only improves the participants’ spoken English skills but also goes on to improve their email writing, messaging, enquiring, negotiation and other skills which they need in their day-to-day professional space.

Some of the topics which are covered at Corporate Training in Private and Governmental organizations are listed below:

  • Know Your Personality: Personality Development
  • Ensure Your Personal Effectiveness
  • Roles & Responsibilities of a Manager
  • Assertiveness & Aggressiveness
  • Conflict Management
  • Attitude and Behaviour
  • How to Motivate Your Employees
  • Leader or a Manager
  • Goal Setting & Decision Making
  • Negotiation Skills – Win –Win Approach
  • Selling Skills
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Group Discussion & Personal Interview
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Grooming for Girls & Boys
  • Hospitality
  • Customer Care Management
  • Fire Training for Industries
  • Voice & Accent – Three levels
  • Spoken Hindi For Foreigners
  • Spoken English – Four levels (for foreigner/s)

Some esteemed organizations who have approached BAFEL for their corporate Training include Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Delhi Police, Maruti Suzuki, Escort India, Club Mahindra and Asian Paints to name a few.


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