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When it comes to Englishcourses, BAFEL Tilak Nagar has what it takes to help you improve and take advantage of your language skills. The British Academy for English language (BAFEL) has proven to be the best center of excellence. Once you enroll, you are assured of the best tutors and facilities that guarantee you be best learning experience ever. Our courses are recognized world over.

All our courses are specifically designed for learners who interact with others whose first language is English. This could be at the work place, social gatherings or are planning to join learning institutions that require good English communication skills. This helps you improve on your telephone and written skills.

English is accepted and used in many businesses. You need to communicate through phone, email or chat. With good English communication skills, you stand a better chance of getting that job you have always yearned for.  Our major role at BAFEL is to break that barrier and offer you the freedom to express yourself and pass your ideas across.

Our well trained experts will help unleashyour communication potential within a very short time. The courses are comprehensive and take a short period to complete; however, these are spread into hours per session to give you the best flexibility. We do not compromise on your schedule so we allow you to pick sessions that work well with your free time.

Once you enroll with us, we offer you several options and features throughout you entire course. Our trainers are highly qualified and you get the best quality. Our close proximity to the metro save you time and we pride ourselves as having the best learning environment not only in Tilak Nagar but the entire region.

You have the option to choose courses that include:

  • Occupational English test
  • Spoken English foundation
  • Spoken English foundation
  • Spoken English advance
  • Spoken English mastery
  • Spoken English comprehensive
  • Customized courses
  • Voice and accent
  • Personality development
  • Interview Techniques and Advanced GD
  • Creative writing
  • Communication Skills and GD
  • Business English
  • Spoken English Online Course
  • Spoken Hindi for foreigners

Our in-house tutors vast experience in the English language and offer unlimited personal support to all learners. Once you enroll, you have a wide range of materials that you can use to improve your skills. Our classes are interactive and there is never a dull moment for learners. You have a chance to participate in public speaking sessions and get assessed on your performance.

These courses are designed for learners who already have the basic communication in English and would like to make it more fluent. Our role is to instill confidence and help you learn the various communication barriers and how to overcome them. We help you build vocabulary for public speaking as well as one on one interaction. If you are shy in speaking in groups; these coursesare for you. We give you enough time to practice with other students until you gain the confidence that you deserve.

These course features development of oral skills to make you a better orator and enable you to differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication. We achieve this by exposing you to the various communication mediums that you use in day to day life or at your work place. You do not have to struggle to express yourself after the courses.

Our goal is to help you overcome the roadblocks to proper communication. Our training experts have the ability to assess your English level and put in place methods to help you become effective in your oratory and written communication. Once you learn how to listen and understand, giving feedback should be easy; this is all a good communicator should be made of.

To ensure that we do not inconvenience you, our courses are conducted from Monday to Friday. Each session takes at most two hours and you can choose between 7 am to noon or opt for the evening classes that commence at 2 pm and end at 8 pm. We are flexible to accommodate every learner’s schedule.

In the event that you are looking for the bestEnglish course Institute, BAFEL Tilak Nagar is the best for you. Visit our BAFEL office or get a free quote from our online portal. We are always ready to address your concerns and give you free quotes and advice on the right course for you.

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Close proximity to Metro
Excellent Learning Environment
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Tilak Nagar
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