What is Group Discussion?

  • January 12, 2018
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Group discussion is an interview process to select prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. It is considered as the most vital and advantageous aspect of the interview process.

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For the interviewer:

Group discussion is generally conducted to test interactive skills of the candidate to understand that, how good he or she is at communicating with other people. It also portrays a side of your attitude to the interviewer which you might probably display at your workplace among colleagues. As a whole, GD eases the selection process for the interviewer by helping him or her identify the right candidate who has the potential to diligently take- up specific roles and responsibilities in an organization to ensure elevated revenues.

For the candidate:

GD helps you to understand (in- advance) the point-of-view of others, observe, listen and then wisely put your point across. To initiate this fluently, it is imperative to have a good control on English language along with good understanding of the given topic. Hence, it is critical for the candidate to not just learn but master the English language to speak with confidence and; keep abreast with current affairs to accelerate general- knowledge, in order to clear the group discussion round with flying colors.

There are many skills which are assessed during a group discussion. 3 such common skills are mentioned below:

1. Communication skills

Candidates are judged on their confidence level. Also, in terms of the clarity of thought, expression and aptness of the language. These skills assist you in making the first impression and spreading the charm. Here, it is important to showcase effective speaking and listening capabilities.

 2. Interpersonal skills

These skills are reflected in the ability to interact with other members in the group. You are assessed on how well you respond to feedback & criticism and how well & quickly you solve a problem in a social environment. Here, it is imperative to be people- centric and not self- centric.

 3. Leadership skills

Candidates are judged on leadership qualities, whether they are able to lead and inspire others, or not. Here, it is crucial to lead by example (you may share a live- scenario where you did extraordinarily well). Alongside, take responsibility and ownership and display empathy, as and when required.

 Things/ traits that one should avoid in a GD:

  • Any emotional outburst
  • Rude or arrogant behavior
  • Loosing temper
  • Racism
  • Displaying self- insecurities
  • Interrupting others
  • Dominating the discussion
  • Shouting to prove your point
  • Pointing fingers at others
  • Deviating from the main topic

So, next time when you head- out for a group discussion round in an organization, ensure to keep-in-mind the above steps. These will help you outshine in a competitive race and safeguard future opportunities at the professional forefront.

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