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  • August 8, 2017
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Personality is a word coined from a Latin world called ‘persona’ which relates to ‘Act’ this term personifies not only inner traits also outer appearance of an individual.

It is termed as characteristics of an individual revealed in a particular pattern of behavior, his values, skills, opinion habits and social responsibilities. According to William words worth “handsome is that handsome does and inner beauty does not need make up.”

“Good mind always find good”. The person having a positive ideology towards the mass on society can be of utmost importance in terms of his approach towards work. By virtue of it he is always liked by everyone, soars high in his career and seems to have good will be it personal/professional.

We at BAFEL try not only to develop you personality but change/recreate it. We organize your habits, tasks and activities. We train you on gesture adjustment (body language), speech modulation, clothing and style. Personality development is a process of detoxifying your mind and body all of all kinds of ill thoughts and actions. A confident, pacified soul with will groomed mannerisms tends to have a versatile character.  The required skills, positive attitude the changed approach to handle a situation adds to the prestige, among its peers to serious optimistic behavior, thinking can lead to become a natural leader and sets a bench mark for the youth to follow. Good personality leads to great performance and increased productivity manifold.

Communication is a grape vine of any organization. Everyone of us is not born with impressive communication Skills. The lack of expression in communication, miscommunication and barrier can lead to disasters. These loop-falls in communication at BAFEL can be answered during the PD session.

There are two types of expressions performed to achieve the goal and being by saying or by doing.  Clear and effective communication is a heart and soul of personal and professional relationship.

The body communicates more the verbal expression and the talks.

BAFEL during PD session focuses on your postures, gestures, eye-contact etc.  It is rightfully said “first impression is a last impression”. The way an eye contact is made send a message of being confident and trust worthy. The perfect dressing scenes carry it elegantly gives you a unique identity as per the occasion is concerned.

The respect can’t be given, rather it is to be earned. We do not respect our elders for being elder to us but, because of their behavior and skills, ideologies and opinion. Simple living high thinking works best as far as getting respect is concerned.  So “give respect take respect”.

We can conclude that personality is not something which can be developed over night. But it is a recreation of your habits, approach, thinking process, effective communication and behavioral skills. Having an optimistic and positive approach towards everything in life can make you a famous personality.  Our personality Development Classes at BAFEL help you be smart and confidence!

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