Spoken English Institute Chirag Delhi

Spoken English Institute Chirag Delhi

Spoken English Institute Chirag Delhi

Welcome to BAFEL Chirag Delhi

When people join an English training institute, first question that they ask is- how much time it roughly takes to learn English? We, at Chirag Delhi, make them understand that, English is just a simple language and it totally depends on how much hard work you are going to put.

We advise our English learners: to first listen attentively, be a good listener and try to understand people who are speaking in front of you. This way, you will be able to observe a lot of things in English including pronunciation, vocabulary etc while they speak.

The next important activity that we recommend to our English learners is to study at least an hour a day. You can study anything that excites you – a story, novel, or a newspaper. Reading is the best way to learn any language, after Listning. It is widely agreed that to learn any language one should follow the four methods, namely: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. These are not just effective methods to learn English, but also to clear international Examinations such as IELTS.

BAFEL Chirag Delhi centre offers effective course pattern to learn English easily. Moreover, with top-notch professionals and different activities, we ensure that our students get optimal education from our side.


  • Top-notch Professional staff, mastered in language and communication psychology
  • Classrooms with well-equipped gadgets and facilities to enhance learning
  • Audio-visual sessions with projectors for proper comprehension of classes
  • Different learning channels like skype, interactive sessions, and public communication
  • Comprehensively crafted courses
  • Professionals focus individually on each student to understand weaknesses
  • Special training on tongue-twisted words

BAFEL Chirag Delhi

62 First Floor, opp.
Old JNU Campus, DDA Market.,
Near Jawahar Book Depot.
Ber Sarai, New Delhi 110016
Phone: +91-9212779992, 9999125123
Email: info@bafel.co.in

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