Best Spoken English Institute South Delhi

If you are looking for English institutes in India, BAFEL South Extension is your bet. We at The British Academy for English language (BAFEL) have what it takes to take English language to the next level.We are a one stop institution foe a learners that English is not their first language.

Our English courses aredesigned for beginners and experts who want to learn and use the language with command. Whether you went to public or private schools, we have a solution for you. Our aim is to equip you with ne best knowledge in spoken and written English that will help you express yourself whilst strengthening your communication skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to be fluent in English as your second language.

We are conveniently located on the main market of South Extension Part 1 and our close proximity to other social and commercial amenities makes us the ideal place to get started with your course. We have well equipped classrooms and we only take the right number of candidates for personalized support from our experienced tutors.

Our class sessions are supported by audio and students are encouraged to interact. This has made us not only the choice for beginners but experts as well. We offer the best high end training sessions and tutors do the placement after professionally assessing your skills. Ours courses are well researched and structured and include:

  • Occupational English test
  • Spoken English foundation
  • Spoken English foundation
  • Spoken English advance
  • Spoken English mastery
  • Spoken English comprehensive
  • Customized courses
  • Voice and accent
  • Personality development
  • Interview Techniques and Advanced GD
  • Creative writing
  • Communication Skills and GD
  • Business English
  • Spoken English Online Course
  • Spoken Hindi for beginners

We are the first to offer all-inclusive English courses in the region. Our services have become very popular among learners of levels. We do not have any age limit and any one with the ability to read and write in any language can enroll. We will be able to assess you spoken English level and ensure you fit in the right class with a befitting expert.

We have worked hard to come up with the best features in our courses. We offer unlimited materials to all our learners depending on their level. Once you enroll with BAFEL, you are assured of getting the best resources chosen by the best English experts; you do not have to do your research, everything is prepared for you.

We encourage our learners to put what they learn into practice in order tobuild confidence in your spoken English. Most of our sessions are conversational; if you are the shy one, this might be slightly tricky for you but by the end of the training, you gain high command in the language. You are encouraged to speak and write speak so that you get corrected and learn more.

Once you complete your course, you are awarded with a certificate that is recognized not only in other learning institutions but also by employers. Our aim is to offer our leaners a tool that they can use to communicate in their daily situations. Not every time you will be communicating in your native language; you interact with others whose English is not their first language.

Our courses are flexible owing to individual demand, you can choose your timing depending on your availability. We have sessions for morning and evening classes. We are open from Monday through Friday. Our morning classed start at 7 am to 1 pm. The evening classes are from 2 pm to 8 pm. Each session takes one totwo hours; this way, every candidate can choose their timings without being inconvenienced.

Our fees are reasonable and you do not have to page it on what you will gain from the training. This is an invaluable investment that goes a long way in improving your English proficiency forever. You can visit our BAFEL South Extension and get a free quote. Our experts will guide you and recommend the right course for you.

  • Located in the main market of South Extension part I
  • Close proximity to various brands and showrooms
  • Well equipped classrooms
  • Follows audio visual approach to learning
  • Excellent Admin support
  • Attracts a lot of IELTS & Voice & Accent students
  • High end training sessions
  • Constructive & result oriented training sessions
South Extension

E/21, South Extension Part 1, 
New Delhi-110049
Phone: 011-41601606, 9873150991