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For the last few years, English learning demand has been on the rise in India and across the globe. However, getting institutions that offer a wide selection of these courses has always been elusive. However, this has become easy thanks to The British Academy for English language (BAFEL). At BAFEL Satya Niketan, we have the best tutors and facilities to help you improve your business English to meet the demand of the modern day needs.

Our English courses are designed for students who want to pursue English in higher learning institutions, as part of their career or part of the employer requirement. This seeks to help you improve your formal communication at the work place and in real life. It includes all the best practices that you need in everyday use.

There are many tools that are used to communicate today than a decade ago. With the growth of the internet, email, chat and content development are some of the areas where you are required to use your English expertise. You need to be able to use English as a second language to get your voice heard. This is a short course and is worth your invaluable investment.

With our experienced teachers and the right training materials, our courses do not take much of your time. Our course takes twenty classes and you only need to attend a 1-3 hour session per day. We understand that our learners have tight schedules and that is why we spread the lessons evenly throughout the day. We can customize your classes and offer you a crash course if need be.

Our lessons are clear cut and only cover the best of English essentials.  Some of the features include a course on how to organize and articulate your thoughts and how to create impactful content. These are detail focused and you need a lot of focus for better results.

 We have developed elaborate courses in various areas that include and not limited to;

  • Occupational English test
  • Spoken English Foundation
  • Spoken English Foundation
  • Spoken English advance
  • Spoken English mastery
  • Spoken English comprehensive
  • Customized courses
  • Voice and accent
  • Personality development
  • Interview Techniques and Advanced GD
  • Creative writing
  • Communication Skills and GD
  • Business English
  • Spoken English Online Course
  • Spoken Hindi for beginners

At BAFEL, we put more emphasis on developing both written and spoken etiquette. These are tools are what our students interact with most at their work place. Our aim is to equip them and be the best front-office representatives at their work place; they are the faces of the employer and need have an edge to discern their clients.

If you the busy type, our course sessions are flexible; you can choose your hours depending on your availability. You will not miss a session that you are comfortable with. We have morning classes that start at 7 am to noon and the afternoon sessions that start from 2 pm to 8 pm. This way, we ensure we do not tamper with your daily schedules.

You can talk to one of the experts and agree on the best time to attend classes. You can visit our official BAFEL web page and get details on the dates and timing for the next course. You can as well apply online and you will be given a free quote and advised on the day you can start your classes. Our online application form is straightforward and easy to fill.

Feel free to talk to us and we guarantee you of getting the best results that you cannot get from other English course institutes. With BAFEL Satya Niketan, you are assured of the best experience and return on your investment. Talk to one of our experts and get your English level boosted within weeks.

  • First Bafel Centre
  • Was founded in the year 2001 by Bafel founder, Mrs. Alka Gupta
  • Easily accessible to Armed forces and Airline personnel
  • Located in the main hub of South Delhi
  • A lot of food outlets and PG’s at affordable rates available near to this center
  • Attracts a lot of Embassy & SSB candidates for English Learning sessions
  • Practical approach to Language training
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