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No matter how, but if you are involved in global corporations, one thing that you must acquire is the effective and impressive way of communication. Globally, English is the most important and preferred language. It dictates the corporate world and the mandatory requirements for joining an MNC.

When people join an English training institute, the first most of them ask is that how much time it roughly takes to learn English. We, at this best English Training Institute in Chirag Delhi, answers – how much time do you have? English just a language and it depends on you that how much hard work you are going to put.

We advise our English learners: first, listen how to speak correct English. The first step towards learning a language is the pronunciation. Be a good listener; listen to those who are speaking better English than you are. Watching movies, television shows, news hours, and interviews are the best way to improve your English. It would be better if you learn the phonetic symbols; however, one can learn English without this but your phonetic knowledge significantly increases the learning process.

The next important activity that we recommend to our English learners is to study at least an hour a day. You can study anything that excites you – a story, novel, newspaper, and any others in the English language. Reading is the best way to learn any language. It is widely agreed that to learn any language one should follow the four methods, namely: Listening, reading, speaking and writing. These are not just effective methods to learn English, but one of the prominent English Examinations IELTS has the similar exam structure.

British Academy for the English Language has effective course pattern to learn English. Moreover, with notch professionals and different activities, we ensure that our students are getting an optimal education from our side.

British Academy for the English Language is among the renowned linguistic and communication Institutes having a countrywide presence. With the collaboration of creative and professional teaching, we are educating people to represent themselves internationally. Whether you aim for IELTS, TOEFL, or others international English exams, you need a guidance that opens vistas of professional opportunities. So, join us, we are now in your neighborhood.

Now, having a dedicated wing in Chirag Delhi, BAFEL is enhancing consistently. In the motive to improve English, we enlist huge amount of manpower to train people despite their age, sex, and affordability.


  • Top-notch Professional staff that have mastered in language and communication psychology
  • Classrooms with well-equipped gadgets and facilities to enhance the learning
  • Audiovisual sessions with projectors for proper comprehension of classes
  • Improve English through different learning channels like skype, interactive sessions, and public communication
  • Comprehensively crafted courses to improve English writing and communications step by step
  • The professionals focus individually on each student to understand the weakness and come up with a strategy for improvements
  • Special training for tongue-twisted words
  • Dedicated professionals for business terms and communication




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